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Winter Pop Up / Footfall Art

  • Camden Peoples Theatre 58 - 60 Hampstead Road London, England, NW1 2PY United Kingdom (map)

Footfall Art is a pop up window gallery that collaborates with businesses to create exhibitions by London’s upcoming artists. It is a unique bridge that connects the public with fine art, providing a valuable platform for exposure to large audiences. We are delighted to present Footfall Art’s next exhibition at its residency in the Camden People’s Theatre windows. It is an honour to collaborate with this creative venue which shares our community values.

footfall Art

Mike Ballard

Ballard’s practice spans painting, sculpture and video. The works explores the visual language of the everyday by finding interest in the unintentional abstract compositions from the urban environment and the territorial markers that divide public and private space. He is fascinated by the visual noise that the city’s infrastructure presents. mikeballard.co.uk

Karen David

David’s multi-disciplinary practise examines themes and notations of mysticism with direct reference to the consumerism and the domestic through her use of materials, mediums and cultures such as tie- dye, crystals and dreamcatchers. David’s installation at Camden People’s Theatre; the Shirley MacLaine Meditation Space is an imaginary setting in reference to the actress Shirley MacLaine who is known for her New Age beliefs and her Spiritual Odessey 5 DAY cruise. This installation is situated within an ongoing project named The Viable Essence Foundation; a fictional commune in Colorado Springs, where the characters’ interests and beliefs inform David’s own art production. karendavid.co.uk

Harry Fletcher

Fletcher’s current practise references and questions the historic connotations of bronze, and investigates the properties of such an esteemed material. His interest in environmental and physical conflict is manifested in three-dimensional forms combining concrete, plastics and organic matter, and in his recasting process of production: by digging into the exposed earth to formulate moulds for his sculptures, he forces a bind between the manmade and natural. harryjfletcher.com

Anna Lytridou

Lytridou’s work is based on personal experience of immersive exploration of the world around her. Combining shapes and elements from landscapes and architecture of Cyprus and the UK, she creates new imaginary and experimental environments of the mind. Lytridou is interested in the way in which physical space becomes contracted in two dimensions. She emphasises this by layering, combining and compressing material such as metal rods, inks, marker pens and threads to assert an alternately geometrical, narrative and urban environment. annalytridou.com

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