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Adding a profile

To add a profile please go to our SIGN UP page. Then add your details and follow payment instructions. Once the fee is paid you will be directed to a profile editor. Here you can add images and further details, all profiles are vetted before going live. If your submission for a profile is unsuccessful you will be fully refunded.

Editing Your Profile

To edit your profile go to 'Profile Editor' (Make sure you are logged in). Here you can edit/update images, information, billing and password.

Formatting text on your profile

If you are copying and pasting your text for your profile its best to format it. This stops irregular font sizes and spaces. To format your text simply highlight it and click on the symbol that looks like a eraser, at the top of the text box. If you need any assistance then please do get in touch with us.

Change your Password

To change your password login to your profile, under the 'About' tab click on Password: 'Change'. Here you can change the password.

Adding a Represented artist (Gallery Membership only)

As a gallery member you can add all your represented artists for free. We will give you a link when you sign up, here you can create your artists profiles. You can use the same gallery email address multiable times.

Adding an Artist Opportunity 

To post an opportunity simply login to your account and go to the Artist Opportunities page. Click on the tab "Add New Event" and fill out the information. You can edit it at anytime by clicking on your post and selecting the "Admin" tab above the post. All posts are vetted before going live.


Submitting for an Interview

Throughout the year we have call outs for interviews. When the deadline is passed our editors go through the submissions to curate an Issue, each issue has special guests interviewees. There is a submission fee. For more information on how to enter please go here.

If you have any other issues/questions then please do email us