Frame 61

Jackie Clark

Frame 61
Jackie Clark

Where did it all begin: I've been an artist all my life, there was no specific starting point. It was always important to me from a young age, I still have a memory of being in kindergarten and the teacher's response to my finger painting. I Made a decision at 13 to become a painter and I committed to it, absorbing everything I could about the history of art and taking up life drawing classes after high school when I turned 15.

Photography/subject matter: Photography isn't my subject matter it's just a tool I use to document my subject matter, which is the environment. I then translate the images I take in to a painting. I document journeys I take or environments I feel drawn to for their atmosphere and usually produce a small series of painting.

Time: My work is currently quite small, no larger than A4 sized and takes me approx 2 to 3 days to produce a piece, I then go back and finish it off a week or so later after I've let it rest for a while.

Experiences: I don't think anything has particularly helped me as an artist, it's making the art and being around art and the inspiration of seeing certain work etc. from that I can draw inspiration and it encourages me to continue my work.

Influences: My influences include photography, film making and philosophy as well as painting. I've been producing landscape paintings for the past 12 years after moving away from abstraction, I wanted to document environments and respond to how they made me feel in a more realistic and less constructed way. I occasionally film the landscape as well, and paint from the film still. My work is about capturing experiences.

Richard Billingham's series of photographs taken of his family interested me while I was a student studying my Bachelor of Arts and influenced my final year series of photographs taken around my neighbourhood in Melbourne documenting my journey home from University. I enjoyed the chaotic chance element in his work, the movement, realism and use of narrative. I was also influenced by the Australian photographer Bill Henson. Other influences include French realism and impressionism as well as the Australian painter Clarice Beckett.

Routine: A typical day would consist of a lot of walking and documentation of my journeys, if I can capture an image I think is worth painting I take if from there. I paint straight on to the wood and allow the painting to develop on its own. I largely document and paint my local neighbourhood and London, occasionally I paint other journeys I take overseas etc. But I like to focus on my everyday landscape and the subtle changes in environment you can only notice if you spend a lot of time in a particular area.


Titles: I try not to reference much more than the actual place and possibly time and date of the area I paint in the title, I want the work to be specifically about the feeling of being there.

Future: With regard to the future I plan on continuing my work and will see where it takes me.

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Publishing date of this interview 12/01/16